Environment & Energy
The I GLAZING recognizes the need to ensure that future generations have access to a high quality environment and to limit the impact of its activities on the environment. To this end we are under process to be accredited to the ISO14001 and CE environmental Management framework.

Therefore we will endeavor to:

• Improve energy and water conservation and management at our premises and at all the sites on which we are working.

• Reduce air, land, water and noise pollution from our activities.

• Reduce the transportation of goods to our site and our client sites in order to contribute to a reduction in traffic congestion, noise and air pollution.

• Use local suppliers in order to support the local economy and encourage growth and investment for future generations.

• Reduce our consumption of goods and materials.

• Avoid waste and whenever possible conserve, re-use or recycle materials and resources.

• Aim to prevent or limit environmental accidents and have contingency measures in place to limit damage in the event of their occurrence.

• Encourage our staff to be aware of their environmental responsibilities and our endeavors to improve the environment.

• Comply with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.

• Reduction of CO2 emissions by constantly monitoring the fleet and KPIs for improvement.
The team that came to fit our windows were outstanding. So professional and polite - it was a pleasure to know that workmen like this still exist! They were recommended by my younger brother and they made it fantastically.
Very happy with the service we have received whilst fitting our new Porch. The two young guys that did the installation were very professional. A big thank you!

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